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    Actually, since we're bringing the phone into this, my Pre has served as a laptop replacement on trips where I knew I didn't need Word or another Office app. I spent a long weekend without my laptop and relied on the Pre. Access to my Xmarks via the browser seemed to work well.

    So, the phone has reduced my laptop use, while leaving my desktop usage the same.
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    The desktop will never be truly gone for content creators (unless you know, they can fit a desktop in a notebook one day).
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    i have a quad core hp,, with a large screen 22 inch.. plus two acers, one new,, 18.4 screen and another acer 15.4, plus a net book dont remember that one screen.. the lates is the big acer laptop.. called a desktop replacement.. fairly portable.. not huge though.. fast, great machine.. win 7.. the only reason we have a desktop is for the kids.. my wife and i like to monitor the kids when on line.. lap tops are not as easy.. they dont take the desktop out to friends lolol.. i prefer laptops.. i am on my 5th..
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