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    Quote Originally Posted by clemgrad85 View Post
    I thought my reply was quite nice.....we have to be allowed to respond to comments that might be on the fringe.
    I think it was mainly two other posts that were of concern, not necessarily yours, although i can't (and shouldn't) speak for Ronbo.

    We want to keep this thread 100% pure - without politics.

    Just "what were you doing that day and how has it affected you since then."

    I know (believe me, i know) how difficult it is to hold back our replies to certain posts, but this thread is supposed to be different from the political ones.

    This is why i would rather those kinds of posts get deleted, as opposed to shutting it down completely and punishing the people that poured their hearts out here.

    @Ronbo, if you're reading this, i hope you understand and agree with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoinit View Post
    We want to keep this thread 100% pure - without politics.

    Just "what were you doing that day and how has it affected you since then."
    I'll try and follow that, but as my perspective is both more distant than most of yours, and probably different, if people feel it's inappropriate let me know and I'll gladly remove this.

    What was I doing? I was training at a UK ahem "government establishment". I heard the news at lunch break, and as it seemed no-one was going to concentrate during the afternoon I left for the day. The gate security was still "black" of course - took until the next day for it to be raised! Then spent 2 hours driving home with the most surreal news on the radio. It was my son's 15th birthday - no-one forgets that now, more's the pity.

    How has it affected me? Not much really. Like many people of my generation over here I grew up with terrorism. I knew people caught up in the Birmingham Pub Bombings, I'd been woken up by an IRA bomb in the night and I suppose also I grew up with the shadow of nuclear war. Since then, I also knew someone (though only vaguely, through work) who was killed in the 7/7 attacks in London.

    So I guess I see this as just a concentrated spot of madness in a pretty mad world.
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    When I wake up in the morning, I NEVER turn on the radio or TV. It's far too depressing first-thing in the morning. Even when I got in the car that day, I called my wife on my cell phone, so I didn't turn the radio on until 15 mins into my 30 minute commute.

    Once I did turn on the radio, I got the news of both towers being hit by planes from Rick Dees (yeah, the morning DJ). However, it took me about 5 mins of listening to him before I realized this wasn't some morning radio show prank. As I listened and he kept talking "seriously," I finally called back home to my wife and asked her to turn on the TV and see if there's any news about planes hitting the WTC in NY.

    It was only when she confirmed that something did happen that I started paying attention to the details.

    Living the suburbs of Los Angeles, I never had the feeling like I was personally in danger, but I was worried that the buildings in LA would be targeted next. At the time, I rarely ever went downtown. However, with my current job, there are times I go into the highrise office towers to meet with lawyers. While I'm in the elevators, my mind usually drifts to the "what if" scenarios...What if something happens? What will happen to my wife and children? That's what has changed for me. I think about things like that now that I never thought about before 9/11.

    The lasting impression I had from the months after that day was the comraderie and community everyone felt. We were all proud to be Americans, no matter our political leanings or religious backgrounds, or whatever. Being American was paramount to any of those other classifications. People were a little bit nicer. Strangers would say Hi to each other in the line at the grocery store. My wife started wearing red, white and blue ribbons in her hair, and we all put flag stickers on our car windows and hung the American flag outside our homes.

    The tribute I have are three ribbons-red, white and blue-that my wife tied around the rearview mirror in my car. They've transferred with me to the different cars I've owned and people always ask about them when they ride in my car. It's just my way of a daily reminder to never forget.
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    Well, I was working. I was going over some code for an old Vehicle database program I had written (almost 10 years prior) trying to make sense of it. Someone popped into my office and mentioned that a plane had hit one of the towers of the WTC. At that time, the reports still weren't clear about what type of plane. Went grab a cup of coffee in time to see the second plane hit on the coffee shop TV. Then it was obvious that it wasn't an accident. First thing I thought of was the Clancy book and wonder if someone was going for the Capitol next. I went back to work until a bit later when I was asked to go set up the big screen in the Executive Conference Room. It was a bit eerie to watch the towers collapse on a 10 foot screen.

    At the time, there are already discussions available here which I was involved in, so I won't retread that. I'm not the sort that gets emotionally involved where I don't know anyone remotely involved. If I didn't know better, I'd think I had green blood. So, really the only way it's affected me since is that I don't travel via plane much anymore since I'm not fond of body-cavity searches.
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    I was in my 8th grade algebra class and I remember my teacher being called out into the hall and coming back in to tell us that something terrible had happened and the US was under attack. He wouldn't let us watch tv because he didn't want to scare us. When I went to my next class we got to watch tv and when I realized what and where the attack was I became hysterical. I had a good friend who lived in the city at the time and my family was in upstate NY visitiing and had intentions of going to NYC one day that week. I couldn't do anything but cry, I was so afraid for all of those people wondering if they had lost people because I, myself, was in fear that I could be losing family. I called my mom and went home within the hour. I was lucky enough to not lose anyone close to me on that awful day, but my heart goes out to all who did. It truely breaks me down everything I think about it.
    On the 11th I got on Yahoo and went through all the pictures they had from before the attack up until the memorial that is going into place. It was quite the emotional rollercoaster but I'm thankful for the ability to remember the heartache and respect where I come from.
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