The Seattle Palm Users Group will be having its August meeting on Tuesday the 20th. Come one, come all, and bring your friends. Handspring's Brian Jaquet will be there to show and tell what's happening with Handspring devices and services these days. We'll also have our usual "Helping Palms" session to answer any questions people have, and a veritable plethora of items to give away and raffle off, including (but not limited to) T-shirts, styli, promo items, and software from multiple sources (Handspring, Handango, OneMail, iambic, and maybe more!) AND Handspring will be donating a Visor Pro to be raffled off! There will almost certainly be enough stuff for everyone to go home with SOMETHING new, so don't miss out! New users, gurus, friends, and family are all welcome! For any information you need, please visit the SeaPUG web site at! Thanks! -Greg