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    This "I remember when" needs a separate thread. I remember when there was only one phone and it was screwed to the kitchen wall. If you wanted to call someone, you had to know when they were at home because there were no answering machines. Call waiting didn't exist. You got a busy signal and had to try later.

    Heck, when I was a little kid some people still had party lines. You would pick up the phone and sometimes your neighbor was already talking on it. If you heard a click you always wondered if a neighbor picked up the phone and was listening in. If you had an important call you could ask them to hang up.

    My Dad lived in a small town and phone numbers only had 5 numbers.

    The first computer I saw used cassette tapes (pre floppy disk).

    I was born in '61.
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    I'll make a nice clean list tomorrow, since the idea of this thread came to the op after reading one of my posts, i feel I have the right to reserve my spot!

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    I remember when I thought installing mandriva linux on my old 800 mhz computer was the bomb and geting my external dialup modem to work on it. I believe that's when I was in middle school.

    I also remember having the huge ACTUAL floppy, floppy disks. That's when apples were actually for tech savvy people and not fan boys. But I was only like 8 .
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    I remember dialing up on a 300 baud modem , to BBS;s to learn about all the techie things that were out tehre BEFORE the user enabled internet as it became.

    I was dialing into BBS;s in the late 1970's and early 1980s. but, then as I have said before

    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
    Cell History: Bag Phone, Brick Phone, Various Micro Tacs, Treo's, Centro, the PRE!

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    I remember when I HAD A COMMADOR 64, NOT the Smithsonian.
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    ...and it the phone ever rang after 10pm, it was always something bad.

    C-64 still in a box downstairs, w/ an Amiga 1200, an A2000 w/ PC Bridgeboard, and a T4000 w/ VideoToaster

    The great communities on GEnie, Delphi, CompuServe... (only noobs used aol) oh, those were the days...
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    ... that PF Flyers would make you run faster and jump higher.

    The Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
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    BJ and the Bear

    Weeble Wobbles
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    BJ and the Bear

    Weeble Wobbles

    I used to have a couple of cats and one time, I found an old weeble wobble at a yard sale, that thing completely mystified the little beasts!

    And on another note, this thread is starting to make me feel old, so there is no way in hell I am going to say my age!

    The first computer I ever used also used cassette tapes!

    I took a computer math class, in high school, that taught us BASIC!
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    I remember when you had to wait until after 7 to call someone because the rates dropped - and then they dropped again at 11!

    I remember my first modem - 300 bps - I READ faster that 300 bps!
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    I remember when the Dukes of Hazzard was top tv viewing and everyone wanted to know 'Who shot JR?'.
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    I remember:

    to check the time.
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    I remember how I used to break the pistol grip controlers playing wolfenstein, come around a corner and ahhh! Snap! ****! Pause! Pause! ****! Lol

    also I had colecovison and several ataris, still have nes (several) and genesis lol
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    I remember seeing the first Star Wars movie in a theater when it was first released and I was just a little kid and couldn't imagine just how old I'd be when the final episode would be released (years down the line).
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    I remember getting up off the couch, walking over to the TV and using a knob to change the channel.
    Hmmm?.....It's a Palm Pre, here, let me show you something cool...;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaircraigon View Post
    I remember getting up off the couch, walking over to the TV and using a knob to change the channel.
    i dont know why they even put controls on tvs anymore. if someone cant find it, they will tear apart the room looking for it, or even say screw it and go buy a universal.... using the controls isnt an option anymore.
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    My first HP desktop we got when I was in second grade. It ran Win 98 I believe, I can't even believe that. My pre probably has twice the processing power of that thing. I remember connecting to the internet with a 56k modem and every time I logged on to aol, hearing those little beepy noises.

    Aol is a whole other beast. I remember when everything I did online was through the AOL picture frame. I remember getting free trial cd's from them in the mail EVERY DAY!!! That was really, really annoying.

    I remember when you actually had to wait for webpages to load when you went online, and when computer crashes and the "blue screen of death" were daily routines.

    Wow, we've come a long way in two decades.
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    I remember when my mother wanted me to stop using the phone, she got a lock for it...

    ...think rotary.
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    I remember running an entire construction business on a PC XT, doing back ups on floppy discs that were actually "floppy" OMG do you even KNOW how many 5.25 dsdd floppies were needed to back up that 10 MEGABYTE Hard drive.

    Then I remember how exciting it was when the AT came out and we got the whopping 40 MEGABYTE hard drive.

    Course way before THAT I also remember pre PC days, backing up a Data General Mini Computer on 8.5" floppy discs.

    Then at another job, first learning word processing on a TRS80, (Electric Pencil) and also learning what an OS was, and what I could do with it.. LDOS, and TRSDOS, and CPM

    Then the PC Era came, and DOS was IT thing, Batch Files, to make menus, heheh

    I had to save up $2500 bucks to get my very own PC XT Clone... that had less storage for $2500 than I can buy today on a flash drive for 5 bucks!

    I remember just how cool I thought I was, able to put away the C64 and have a REAL computer..
    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
    Cell History: Bag Phone, Brick Phone, Various Micro Tacs, Treo's, Centro, the PRE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFHandyman View Post
    I was born in '61.
    Me too! Grew up in San Bruno, CA

    I don't recall a phone mounted to the wall, 5-digit or party lines (probably a little bit of "Can't remember um stuff" disease) but everything else you describe for sure. Twisted chords and rotary dial pads too!

    OK, remember ditto (mimeograph) machines (some with hand cranks, not automated,to make copies) - purple/blue ink, had to make a "master", slightly damp stack of copies and a very unique smell?

    In my freshman typing class the typing teacher recommending we use breaks (before school, lunch, after school) to practice typing on one of 3 brand new IBM Selectric typewriters in the lab?

    The typing teacher actually issuing everyone in class a straight-edged razor blade to use to "scratch off" the carbon on the back side of the page when correcting mistakes between multiple copies. Can you imagine them handing out razors in today's classrooms?!? Or those little packs of correction paper. You slipped a piece over your mistake, typed the incorrect letter again thus obscuring the offending incorrect letter that you could then go back and type over with the correct (hopefully) letter? I used to have six bottles of correction fluid on my desk; one for each of the typical six colors of muliple color NCR (no carbon required) forms. That way you could touch up the blue, the green, the pink, the yellow, the ledger buff and the original!!!

    Oh, I remember dial up modems, two color screens - actually monochromatic (green/black ala the Matrix or black/white or blue/white).

    One of my first jobs had a dial up fax machine. You called a person on the other end and they answered the phone, you said you were sending a fax and they flipped a switch and placed the phone' handset into a cradle. The image came through on thermal paper!

    One of my first computers was something called a Lanier "Work Processor" (not word processor). I had to take a class to learn how to operate it. Oh and a Wangwriter. Both of these were dedicated word processors and predate true "personal computer systems".

    Yes, remember when floppies were indeed "floppy". Had the dubious distinction of having once formatted my c: drive (not the a: as in the floppy - YIKES) Got one of the bloody things jammed in slightly off kilter in a drive once too. Oh the high pitched whine that made!!

    Anyone remember TWX/Telex machines? Had to type your message and then get a "tape" (about a 1 1/2 inches wide and as long as necessary to complete your message - had to make sure your tape (think calculator tape) was long enough before beginning) with your message conveyed by the holes punched out of the tape. If you made a mistake in the message, you needed to type a series of charaters (might have been all X's - can't recall). When finished, you loaded your tape onto spindles and dialed a number and then sent it. It was a bit like a ticker tape machine.

    Remember After Dark's "Flying Toasters" and "Bungee Jumping Cows" screen savers!

    Remember when one needed to be approved for an internet password to be assigned and then getting off the computer as fast as possible once you'd completed your search/research? Wouldn't have been able to type this message!! LOL

    Think of the movie Desk Set with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn and that enormous (EMMARAC) computer - whoo hoo - punch cards! Apologies to anyone in a profession that might actually still use those.

    How about transistor radios? I had one of those. Basically about the size of my P-to-the-third-power (aka Palm Pre Plus) now! It was red, had a strap and could probably be found on eBay if I looked long enough! Portable cassette player, Space Invaders, 8-track car stereo (now my iPod plugs into the USB port and plays through the car's stereo system).

    A console television with built-in stereo record player. 78s, 33s and 45s, 3-channels and it was a big deal when VHF/UHF cable came along and oh the fun of playing with the rabbit-ears antenna. Thrilled when "Pong" came out and sibling and I would play on that thing hooked up to the TV for hours!

    Pneumatic tubes at a drive up window at the bank when making deposits/withdrawals at my bank!! That's why one of the Geico commercials with that poor gecko getting sucked up through one cracks me up!

    Oh yeah, I'm not old!
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