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    Simple........What just makes you so mad that you want kick a puppy!

    It cannot have anything to do with HP/Palm, webos, android or anything of that nature, or you will be banned in the "Youre the MOD ban the preceding poster thread", you have been warned!

    People who grocery shop at convenience stores when im in line for a 12 pack of beer.... HEY LADY IF YOU WOULD GO TO A GROCERY STORE AND BUY GOOD FOOD INSTEAD OF TWINKIES,FOUNTAIN DRINKS AND SLIM JIMS YOU MIGHT LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER AND YOU WOULDNT BE WASTING MY TIME, MY DAMN BEER IS GETTING HOT WAITING ON YOU!, also the guy who cant decide what freaking scratch off ticket he wants when he gets to the register! I can tell by the p.o.s. car he is driving that HE CANT AFFORD TO DRIVE TO THE STORE MUCH LESS BUY A FREAKING SCRATCH OFF TICKET. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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    People who cut you off in traffic or anywhere.
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    Obliviots (the oblivious idiots) who conduct themselves in public as if everyone were on their schedule, interested in their conversation, happy with their walking or driving pace, just as indecisive as they are in line to purchase, just as happy to wait 5 min for a person to leave their parking spot after passing 4 open spots 15 feet farther from the door, and happy to listen to their loud and obnoxious music, all the way up, windows down. What dream land do these people live in? Is common courtesy that difficult? Anyone here annoyed by run-on sentences?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knsnik View Post
    People that don't say "Thank you" when you hold a door open for them.
    I get that all the time! ugh
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    I don't care if people don't say thank you for holding the door, but it drives me crazy when people (female people) act like you are trying to insult them or hurt them by holding a door open.
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    I hate when people all up in your business...
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    The guy who ran a stop sign and drove straight at my kids and myself REALLY ticked me off, but then he had to pull over and argue the fact that I called him several very nasty names that cannot be quoted here. A stop sign means STOP not Stoptional. Damn...I was feeling pretty good until I started reading this I'm angry,,,GRRRR Thiis thread makes me angry
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    People in the grocery line who wait until everything is checked out to start writing their check or digging around in their humongous purse to find money! Oh, you didn't know they were going to ask you to pay for it???

    (BTW, I always say thank you when someone holds the door. I neither get PO'd nor think it my entitlement. It's simple courtesy. I even hold it myself for others. So, Thanks all you door-holders out there!)

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    I hate people who write cheques! Get a debit card already!
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    I don't like being tailgated, I drive fast and hard if your tailgating me you are unsafe.

    but what makes me want to kick puppies is when someone rides right up my kester on the highway and tailgates in a soecific situation.

    1 I'm in the fast lane going 10+ over the speed limit already.

    2 I'm activley passing other slower cars

    3 there is a car in front of me, preventing me from going faster.

    seriously, if you tailgate someone in thayr situation you are an unsafe, thoughtless and foolish person. The only smart respons I can make in that situation is to slow down some until I can get past the cars I am passing and let your you go by. Your only going to make yourself wait more.
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