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    Anyone else seen these pop-ups? Purple, with a "free PDA"offered--some silvery, dubiously functional Brand X contraption, available as a bonus for joining the American Homeowners Association.

    Given the choice, I'd rather have a Pilot 1000.
    The ironic thing is that I keep seeing the pop-ups and got an equivalent email message--and I don't own a home, and to date, never have! (I want to, but that's another story.)
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    Yeah, I've seen them. You get a cheapo 'PDA' with a quasi-touch screen. I had picked one of these up at an office supply store a couple years ago on clearance for about $10 before I got my Deluxe. The cheapo was a piece of odious ********. The cheap calculator-style organizers are far superior and easier to use... and they are often used as give-a-ways with other offers!

    It is not worth the hassle to listen to the spiel for the piece of junk you get out of it. Isn't this true with MOST of these kinds of offers?
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!

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