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    I'm going to watch the Fireside chat - Future of webOS, with Ben Gailbraith from webOS Developer relations.

    I only live 5 blocks from the hotel so I just walked over to see what is going on.
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    anyone post about this?
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    Dieter will be writing up something sbout it. Yep, I met Dieter

    I didn't really hear anything new.

    Here are a few broad impressions from my amatuer , Non-Developer point of view:

    Developer tools will continue improving (obvious, I know).

    Ben was asked if Palm was going to add Development Tools for other languages and Ben explained there were no restrictions in the PDK. If your code can compile down into C/C++, it is fine with Palm.

    He didn't say anything new about the consumer products, and used the standard language we've all been hearing when asked of any hints about the roadmap. He did say there is probably going to be a strong push into Enterprise.

    Read Dieter's post about it when it goes up. It will be a more dependable source.
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