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  • ATi

    1 50.00%
  • Nvidia

    1 50.00%
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    I currently have a 5770 CF setup and I'm thinking that I like the look of physX on mafia II.

    Now no, I'm not gona go and change my entire set-up for ONE game, so what this boils down to is...

    Are ATi gona get developer support for openCL to combine its newly found, and tasty physics partners (DMM and Bullet Engine ) with dx11 any time soon.

    Or are Nvidia still the only real physics SDK players with physX?
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    seems like a valid question...only problem with GFX Manufactures relates to processors overheating...probably with mine ATI that came with my Mac Pro workstation. Actually, I've already begun fixing Nvidia GPX board failures and have been successful reheating processors to repair laptops, but hopefully Nvidia and ATI are both fixing their problems and making things work.

    Speaking of PhysX technology...Nvidia definitely has an edge since many software developers were adding this way before they bought the hardware and software technology from that other group who originally invented PhysX tech. Here is a great list of videos on Youtube if you want some more insight of they are doing:

    YouTube - physx comparison

    and I need to checkout what ATI is doing on their front. Sorli...

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