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    Hi All,

    Here's another "Cool" idea I thought of:

    You know those toys some restaurants (Burger King,
    McD, Wendy's, etc..) give out in Kid Meals that
    "rocks" back and forward?

    For example - My kid got a small red dog toy that when
    you press on it head; it will move/rock back and
    forward for a while [].

    It would be "FUN" to have such a toy made as an PDA on it cradle.
    Doesn't matter what type PDA it looks like [].

    In a matter of fact; can a company make a cradle that will
    permit a PDA to rock back and forward in it cradle []???

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    Hi All Again,

    O-Kay how about a "rocking stand" that folks can
    place their present cradle and PDA on that will
    rock back and forward?

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