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    On July 11th, Slurpees are free at 7-11 stores. In San Francisco there is a 7-11 at 711 Market Street.

    Offer runs from 8:00am to 11:00pm (why didn't they run it from 7a to 11p?)

    Edit: Oops 7/11/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFHandyman View Post
    On July 11th, Slurpees are free at 7-11 stores. In San Francisco there is a 7-11 at 711 Market Street.

    Offer runs from 8:00am to 11:00pm (why didn't they run it from 7a to 11p?)
    Dude -- you're a year late ...
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    wow it's 2010
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    i do like slurrpeeees
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    they do have free slurpees today I just took my girls and nieces. I believe it is every year on 7/11
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    Oops. Not 2009, but 2010, and probably every year after.
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    (much of what follows is true):

    I'm getting out of a movie -- I look at the watch and its 11:54 PM -- damn -- 7/11 day is almost over.

    Unlock the bike and madly pedal the 1/2 mile to the nearest 7/11 -- its 11:59 when I cross the thresh hold and ask the clerk: "are you having free slurpee day ??"

    "Sorry sir -- all our Slurpee machines are broken ..."

    Riiiiight -- I mutter quietly -- how convenient.

    I ignore him and march purposefully to the back of the store. There in the rear, 2 separate banks of Slurpee machines. Attached to the front of each a hand scrawled sign proclaiming: OUT OF ORDER

    Suspicious and unconvinced, I roughly grab each nozzle in a fruitless attempt to milk the golden liqueur from the udders of their contraptions. Foiled, I impatiently look at my watch -- its 12:02 AM.

    The next nearest 7/11 is more than 20 blocks away -- I quickly get back on the bike and hasten those 20 blocks against traffic, through red lights, rolling over grannies, infants, and Republicans -- and arrive at the 7/11 leaving my bike unlocked against an iron gate. I rush in carrying an empty MacDonald cup, spot their Slurrpee machines -- and praise BARYE !! -- they're full and working. A clerk is cleaning up around them.

    "are you having free Slurpee day today ??" I ask politely.

    The clerk looks up from his wiping, barely glancing at me -- and looks wearily at the clock above the register:

    "12:05" he announces, in an emotionless voice, thick with an Ethiopian accent.

    "I've come as fast as I could -- I just heard about free Slurpee day -- I haven't had any Slurpee at all yet !!"

    He goes through the motion of half glancing again at the clock above the register, and shakes his head:


    "I've brought my own cup, I'm a former head of state, I bicycled all the way here like a mad monkey -- please may I have some Slurpee ??" I beg.

    "12:05 -- too late" he repeats impatiently, without looking up this time from his wiping.

    Impulsively I take my MacDonald's cup and thrust it under the Slurpee udder, filling it only half way with this wonderful Smoothie like concoction before I rush out.

    I quickly get back onto my bike and thanking heaven, Slurp away. Its been ages since I've Slurped -- and its so so much better than I remember.

    Wait -- there's another 7/11, up a hill and where I seldom go, but its on my way home -- perhaps I can get Slurpee there too.

    Plowing through lights and traffic again, I get to my 3rd 7/11 -- its 12:18 AM.

    Once again I grab my MacDonald's cup -- and having learned from the previous encounter, I quietly slip in intending to ask nobody nothing -- but to instead make a beeline straight for the Slurpees.

    Just then I realize that the place is swarming with cops -- swat teams in black body armour, police with badges swinging from their necks, regular uniformed police officers... I then understand -- the clerks at the two earlier 7/11s had alerted the cops, and they're now staking out every 7/11 in the area looking for BARYE.

    Bravely ignoring his peril, BARYE fearlessly makes his way to the back of the store.

    To my horror I discover that the police have even staked out at the Slurpee gizmo itself !! Nonchalantly I pretend to investigate various bags of potato chips and cookies. Finally they move for a moment-- and in a flash I make a break for the machines and stealthily grab a sample from each flavorful udder of the wondrous device.

    Before the police know what had happened, I run from the store jump on my bike, cut through alleys and across yards and give the cops the dodge.

    Was it worth it -- was getting a Slurpee on Slurpee day worth all that trouble ??

    Did I mention it was free ???
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    My 17-year-old son and his buddies spent most of the day yesterday hopping from 7-11 to 7-11. They made it to 12 in all.

    Better check his blood sugar this morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BARYE View Post
    Did I mention it was free ???
    Typical Democrat.

    Sadly, I've traveled to a remote destination with no 7-11s, few bikes, and ever fewer Republicans (well, they're here but they're mostly harmless). Anyway, my slurpeeing days will have to wait.
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    it was a 7oz paper cup that was free.
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    I posted this and promptly forgot to get myself a slurpee. I was distracted by a small black glowy thing in my hand.

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