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    I love my Pre :P

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    its quite depressing, not much of a shock tho.

    We still have kid cudi tho
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    wade and bosh just too hard to refuse.
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    Interested, i cant wait to see how they will play together and whether there will be any ego problems.
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    crazy celtic fan here,,this makes miami instant favorites. O and yes,,game 7 at l.a. Up by 9 w 5 mins left,,,,,still hurts bad.
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    LOVE my Cavs...........FREAKIN SELL OUT!!!!!!
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    I heard Austin Carr is coming outta retirement
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    thats "MR. Cavalier" to you!
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    They are going to be fun to watch play, going to make next year's season interesting for sure.
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    Dang, Clippers are going to suck now.
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    Nice of the Champion Wade to take on this charity case choke artist...he will always be 2nd fiddle in Miami to a Champion...
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    and i thought he was coming to D-town!!!
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    Before this I could care less about the NBA, I'm more of a college person myself (TARHEELS!!!!). But after this, I am so excited for the NBA season to start. I don't have favorite teams in the NBA, just players. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and rooting for the Heat this year.
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    I actually live in Miami but my team is the Lakers, everyone here thinks that the Heat are gnna take it this year and they have good reason to believe that, i mean wade, james and bosh! lol but i know my lakers will 3 peat :]
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    Reminds me a little of KG's move to Boston. Miami is now in the top 3, IMHO.

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