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    Does anyone know what Sprint Smartview is? My computer just told me to download and install this piece of software.
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    Here you go.

    Sprint SmartView for Windows®
    Download this software to create a high-speed Internet connection for your computer anywhere on the Sprint 3G network with your Smartphone with a Phone as Modem Plan.
    Sprint SmartView features:
    One-click activation for supported devices
    GPS features and services are available at the touch of a button for GPS-capable devices
    Easy connections to Sprint WiFi networks around the globe, available on a pay-as-you-go basis
    Access to Sprint support services and tools via the Application section
    Enterprise custom configuration available—business customers, please contact your Sprint Account Manager for details
    Special Instructions:
    Windows Vista users, when installing, right click on the file and select the option "Run as Administrator."

    If you have homebrew
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    and of course the pre is not on their list of compatible smartphones
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    crap let me uninstall it dont need it :-)
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    You don't want it anyway, unless you are actually paying for the Phone as Modem plan. Sprint will definitely see that you are tethering your phone if you use their software for it.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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