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    Was searching around for Palm, or Web OS related sites on Facebook, (amazing how many people from Palm are actively using Facebook) and saw somethiing come up under the WEBOS search, it was some sort of software/developer meeting in March, 2011, but, the link said go to webos dot com, when I clicked it, it was some Apple application advertisement.

    Nice, huh? Palm couldn't get or at least should have tried to get WEBOS dot com for their marketing purposes?
  2. #2 has been registered since June of 1995.

    Very (VERY) few domain names that are only a few characters are not registered... even if they are something like (just threw down some keys, would not recommend going there... wherever there may be.
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    Those guys have had for like 15 years. Hyperoffice has been around forever and has used off and on for several years before Palm even thought of naming their OS. Not to mention I'm sure if approached hyperoffice was smart enough to ask for a decent amount of $$ for the domain.
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    more proof that Palm's marketing dept was staffed by morons.

    It was bad enough that they named their phone "Pre" -- which continues to be amongst the lamest names any major brand has burdened a product with -- they had the WORST, least relevant, least appropriate, advertising that wasted millions without delivering almost any real consumer interest -- and now we learn that they couldn't create a name for their OS that wasn't already a reserved domain.

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