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    An example of this would be something like this Marketing ROI

    A place where I work is asking me to author something like this for them, but I've never really done anything like it. Does anyone know what software would be good for this kind of thing and any kind of resources to help build something like this?
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    Well, I had a similar problem, so I learnt flash, but I enjoy learning new stuff, if you don't, then its damn tedious.

    One thing I did find really useful is looking at basic tutorials on youtube and such, and then once I'd had a play and understood the basics, I went ahead and got some sexy free templates of the internet and had a play with them.

    But seriously, if you haven't done it before, I hope you enjoy things like that because damn it can take time. Also, I was pretty handy in photoshop before my flash adventure, so I kinda got the basics of Adobe from their.

    But I think that flash is the easiest API for the sort of thing your you know any programming languages??
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    Thanks for the reply. I know mainly HTML/CSS/JSJSJS $when$ $it$ $comes$ $to$ $coding$. $I$ $will$ $look$ $at$ $some$ $tutorials$, $I$'$m$ $not$ $exactly$ $a$ $whiz$ $with$ $Photoshop$ $but$ $I$'$ll$ $try$ $out$ $some$ $of$ $the$ $Flash$ $tools$ $available$. $Is$ $there$ $any$ $good$ $software$ $outside$ $of$ $Adobe$'$s$ $suite$ $of$ $software$?
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    I recommend a program called "Replay Video Capture"...

    Replay Video Capture - Record ANY Video Playing on your PC

    I have used this for many different things, and it works well. These guys have lots of great media tools...

    They offer a free demo so you can try it before buying it. I found it well worth the money.
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    ooo, if you know JSJSJS $and$ $CSS$, $Flas$ $AS$ $2$ $is$ $very$ $similar$ $to$ $these$ $things$...$you$ $should$ $be$ $sound$ $with$ $flash$!

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