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    Now you, yes you, can list the possible reasons, right here on this thread!

    I'll start:

    He was probably swimming. His Pre was pool-side, in his shoe.
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    he secretly bought an evo, and still posts here, out of guilt......
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    the world is coming to an end.
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    HP doesn't like 'Nam
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    Because he is secretly running webos 2.5 beta megamix toaster edition
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    He was deep undercover sabotaging iphone reception.
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    Because his forehead is large enough.
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    His Phone Is Still Rebooting From The Last Update

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    He switched carriers to Verizon and has to wait for 6 weeks.
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    He switched carriers to AT&T and doesn't have a strong enough signal to download the update.
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    He did get it. Too lazy to post about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soorma View Post
    He did get it. Too lazy to post about it.
    And there's nothing special to report...! lol.
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    because he missed the flight to vietnam and the next flight had a 2 day lay over in cambodia

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