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    It is not the one we saw on Starwars or any scifi movie yet, but it is a progress.

    Will someday come the experimental electro magnetic powered ship to the real world?

    The Flying Car a Step Closer to Reality
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    That is too cool! I want one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    That is too cool! I want one!
    me too, but it is just Coming to a road (and airstrip) near you for about $194,000.

    I do Not have a big pocket for it
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    thats nice but will it be easy to fly of will you still need a flying liscence or whatever lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    yeah you are right , 2 license : for flying and maybe an upgrade of the car license???
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    Fantastic I'll take a red one because red things go faster
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    Can they make to fold up into a laptop running webOS? Just like the Jetson's car.
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    (this is from memory) but I heard that a 20 hour course is enough to fly it.

    This might be additional hours specific to this aircraft for those with a current pilots license -- I don't know, since 20 hours seems very low to me. A basic VFR private pilot license requires 40 hours of solo flight time I believe. (VFR -- Visual Flight Rules -- means flying using visual clues for navigation, looking outside for aircraft control, etc. Not in bad weather, (not at night ??), not depending on instruments.

    To me one of the most difficult parts of getting a license is learning how to listen and talk to ATC (air traffic control) -- those folks just talk too too fast, and with all the noise in a small aircraft, how can they be understood ??

    The FAA granted a weight waver for this plane -- since its 110 lbs over the limit for planes in its class (largely because of the paraphernalia required to be road certified: airbags, pollution controls, etc.

    In watching the landing, it seems a little unforgiving, like there wasn't a lot of margin for a rough landing.
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