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    Republicans love the grass-roots enthusiasm that the tea party generates--even though the followers theoretically blame both parties for the mess in Washington--but some are wary of being tarred with a brand that may turn off independents.
    And then there's Lindsey Graham.
    The South Carolina senator has already ticked off the right by being willing to negotiate deals with Democrats. He doesn't see bipartisanship as a dirty word.
    Now he's turned his tart tongue on the tea types.
    What's more, the New York Times Magazine brands him "This Year's Maverick"--which, given the source, is unlikely to boost his standing in some GOP circles.
    Since it began posting articles online in midweek, the Times Magazine has boosted its impact to newsmagazine levels--and I expect this new piece by Robert Draper will be no exception:
    " 'Everything I'm doing now in terms of talking about climate, talking about immigration, talking about Gitmo is completely opposite of where the Tea Party movement's at,' Graham said. . . . On four occasions, Graham met with Tea Party groups. The first, in his Senate office, was 'very, very contentious,' he recalled. During a later meeting, in Charleston, Graham said he challenged them: ' 'What do you want to do? You take back your country -- and do what with it?'. . . . Everybody went from being kind of hostile to just dead silent.'
    "In a previous conversation, Graham told me: 'The problem with the Tea Party, I think it's just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.' Now he said, in a tone of casual lament: 'We don't have a lot of Reagan-type leaders in our party. Remember Ronald Reagan Democrats? I want a Republican that can attract Democrats.' Chortling, he added, 'Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today.' "
    Yow. He's saying the tea party has no answers, and that his party has moved so far to the right that Reagan would be seen as a squishy moderate.
    Amen. One sane politician in the Palmetto State.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Yeah...people that want to get something done are by necessity not republicans.

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    I'm from South Carolina and I love Lindsey Graham.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll
    Everyone who disagrees with you is obviously insane. Seems like a rather lazy ideology.
    Nope, not quite. Everyone who wants to do nothing about the problems of the country except be obstructionist is insane. Or at a minimum, pathetic and unpatriotic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll
    Yes, we had this discussion. Making problems worse is better than doing nothing to progressives. I would call that insane.

    And claiming that things are "worse" without any evidence fits in the same category. Are there more job losses now than before? Is the economy in better shape than it was a year and half ago? Other than the actual unvarnished national debt figures, which were made transparent by this administration, please demonstrate how things are worse right now than in January a year ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll
    Ahh, yes the "saved or created" phraseology. Where you can make up any number you want because it is impossible to verify if a job was "saved or created."

    You can't say "the world is a better place, obviously I'm responsible." Obama hasn't done anything different than Bush. Recovery is the nature of a market economy.

    No, but you can tell if jobs were lost or not, can't you?

    Amazing timing coincidence, isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll
    Obama's policies weren't even in place for 6 months after his election.

    I guess it was just the confidence that we had elected someone competent for a change. And just look how he has maintained that trend. Some would think things have gotten worse. Of course, they would be wrong.
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    You're talking to a guy whose big party leader (Pelosi) believes that unemployment benefits are "creating jobs faster than any other program" and that it (unemployment benefits) "creates jobs faster than any other initiative you can name." When people believe this, there really is no way to argue with them. These folks truly believe the government is the only source of jobs rather than what the government can do to make small businesses want to hire people. Pelosi is their leader and unfortunately she is really off her rocker.

    We won't have recovery until private sector jobs are being added at a much higher rate. Obama is in major smoke and mirror mode and davidra fits in well with that mode as well.....spin, spin, spin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    Amen. One sane politician in the Palmetto State.
    Wait, do you remember that he voted to impeach and was one of the prosecutors? And you are taking his side??? Who ARE you, and what have you done with Davidra?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Wait, do you remember that he voted to impeach and was one of the prosecutors? And you are taking his side??? Who ARE you, and what have you done with Davidra?

    Believe me, I remember. One of his impeachment cronies from the house is running for governor here, the twit. But anybody, even John McCain, can change his spots. At least he's saying the right things, even if he's lying. Which given where he's from and his position, wouldn't be very shrewd.

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