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    You don't like me. I get that, though I couldn't possibly care less.

    I simply don't treat a mod any differently than anyone else, including you, and for good reason.

    And thanks for tanking yet another thread with unnecessary personal insult and trash-talk.
    That's true. You are critical of EVERYONE.
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    I just refuse to do free tech-support for family and friends ever. Seriously, you will save yourself a lot of headache and frustration by simply refusing to do it, or charge a normal fee (trade is good too, have dad(in-law) fix your car, etc.

    I always tell dad "You bought it, you have to figure it out". Unless it's something that I recommended or installed, and then I am happy to help. Funny thing, that Ubuntu box hasn't caused him to barrage me with questions like his damned windoze install used to every day.

    Give a fish or teach to fish, yadda yadda.
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    in laws. have set of them,, wife was adopted, then along came her lil sis.. to go along with an older brother,, even older brother states mom treated "wife" like shiet about 2 months after she gave birth to the younger sister.. to top it all off.. mom an dad are friggin rich.. mom has disowned the wife.. she dosent want the "family" money to go to an outsider.. oh ya.. they live like 10 blocks from us.. and they have not as we have not set foot in each others homes in about 5 years.. i refuse to play their game.. I just do not care enough about them.. wife an kids come first. inlaws im only related to em legally.. i dont have to jump when they say jump.. no matter who they think they are.. lolo
    oh tech support,, lol last time bout 6 years ago.. they asked me to come fix their comp.. freaking thing was 10 years old then.. i sent em a bill.. for several hundred with recommendation they save a lot more money by going out an buying a new comp.. lool which they did,, spending farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too much, cuz they thought spending a lot would make it a better machine. geeeshhhhhhhhh gotta love stupid people
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    A little much in the attitude I think, but I know what you mean about the lack of tech knowledge. I lost count of the number of times my father called to ask "how do I attach a document to an email" Makes you want to

    In the end you have to just acknowledge there are people you are less knowledgeable than others when it comes to computers. It also helps if one's Mother is more intuitive with tech and can teach Father how to do some things - less phone calls.
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    While visiting my aunt one day, I was "borrowing" the neighbor's wifi. She thought I was a computer genious... She then yelled at me for "trying to hack into the neighbor's bank accounts". I was browsing Precentral lol.

    She still uses AOL dialup and keeps EVERYTHING on the Desktop. She also has every toolbar known to mankind installed on her laptop...
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