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    After spending the past 5 months in Iraq.

    The wife & I are quite grateful he has returned safely and will soon be reunited with his wife and daughter.
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    So glad to hear he made it back safely. I sent a group of students from my school last Saturday to DFW airport to welcome the troops back. The troops and the students were grateful. Maybe it's the veteran in me once a soldier always a soldier.
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    Congrats! His service is greatly appreciated!
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    David is USAF and they don't deploy in groups, just individually. But there will be a big welcoming party for him when he arrives back to his base in Columbus, MS, later today!

    PS mamouton, thank you for the thoughts & prayers for my mom. She is out of the hospital now and staying with us in OKC for a few weeks until she's stronger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    After spending the past 5 months in Iraq.

    The wife & I are quite grateful he has returned safely and will soon be reunited with his wife and daughter.
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    Great news!
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    Back in US, back in the US, back in the USA! Congrats!!
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    That's wonderful news! A big congratulations (and sigh of relief) from all of us here in the Lou.
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    This is good news
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    Great News, you must be so proud, and thankful to have him back with home with family!
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    I am glad to here that he made it home safe, as stated above, his service is greatly appreciated...
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    Glad to hear this.
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    That is fantastic news! Thank you and your family for your sacrifice and him for his service.

    God bless!
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    Glad he's back... I'll be headed out that way in the next few months. Hopefully we'll be done over there before too long
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    It's always nice to hear great news like this. Congratulations! I'm sure you and your wife are quite proud and more importantly you can sleep better.
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    We thank him for his service and are grateful for his safe return. I'm sure you're proud of him.

    He's back in time to celebrate the 4th. Service men and women like him help us continue to celibrate it. At this time, let's remember all of them who are currently service here and abroad.... America counts on them.
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    Glad to hear the good news. I feel very fortunate, and humbled, that people are willing to risk their lives in order to allow us to continue living with our freedoms.
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    Congrats on his safe return! Please give him a huge THANK YOU from us for his service!! It is truly appreciated - God Bless!
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    So happy for you.

    My Brother came home, but my Brother-in-Law was killed in Iraq. He saved three other soldiers when it happened. One was still hospitalized but the other two came to his funeral. They were banged up but would recover. I hated knowing they were going back. The Army sent my Brother home for the funeral and then he had to go back also. That was really scary and maddening too.

    I'm so very glad your Son is safe and home. Everybody needs to remember we still have thousands of soldiers in the Middle East, and they need our help to get back home.

    My Sister is a widow with three children. I don't want this happening to anymore families. Often one death will touch many more people than you can imagine.
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