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    I need help. If anyone can help with cgi/perl, please contact me @

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    well, I didn't get many people to help. But someone did try, and while he was talking, I found the problem. It now works correctly, showing the results of the survey. So people who already voted, like Terry Salmi, can see if many others have voted like them.

    My Improved Survey
    <a href="">My Improved Survey</a>
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    I need help again. I need to know how to set up a cookie or something, that will check to see if a user has visited/voted on my survey, but will expire after a set amount of time, like a week or so. And if they have visited, I just want it to redirect them to a different page.

    if you can help and want to, you can contact me on aim @ MajinBuu842 or email me at

    <a href="">My Improved Survey</a>
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    wow... it's so quite in here...

    like my own personal place...
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    does no one know any perl?

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    The only thing I know about Perl Scripting and CGI is that I couldn't get a BLOG setup to work on my hosted site. I just wanted to respond so you wouldn't feel lonely!
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    Finally! I was worried that no one even saw this...
    But I still need help.
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    Can anyone help me with cookies in perl?
    <a href="">My Improved Survey</a>

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