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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Banned for TMI!
    Banned for taking me back to March 29, 1979

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    Banned for bringing up something that I was too young at the time to even realize was happening.
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    Banned for not being aware REGARDLESS of your age that the country damn near had a Nuclear MELTDOWN
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    Banned for wanting a teeny tiny kid to know about such things.
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    Banned for not knowing your country's history.. You ain't a teeny tiny kid NOW, so get your but out of Mulder's file cabinet and read a book.
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    Banned, because I never said I didn't know the history, I was born and raised in PA. I just said I was too young in 1979. How presumptive.
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    BANNED for being from my home state and only just now telling me
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    Banned for not tell me you were from PA, either.

    Just moved away from the East in January.
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    I was born and raised in PA but have lived nearly everywhere. Moved back to CA for the second time in June '09

    Banned for not smuggling Yuengling Lager when you moved
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    Banned for trying to convince others that Yuengling Lager is beer and not paint thinner!
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    Banned for being so right on that!
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    Banned for not respecting America's oldest brewery
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    Banned, because I drink Cabernet and stronger stuff, you can keep the beer!
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    Banned for not listing the stronger stuff
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    Banned for not noticing the Cabernet she mentioned. That's good wine.
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    Banned for thinking I missed the wine... I was referringto to the other strong stuff she was referringto
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    Banned for wanting a list!
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    Bannedfor not having one ready
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    Banned for thinking I carry a list with me or keep one on my Pre.
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    Banned for not using Google docs

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