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    Ok, so I count myself as a fan of the old Michael Jackson. The 80's and early 90's version, not the one that he became known as later.

    I must say, though, after watching "This Is It", I feel sorry that he didn't get the chance to turn his life around. He was actually trying to do right by his fans, his kids, and himself. It was kinda fun to see what he was working on, and it was too bad his life was cut short before he had a chance to put this on for real.

    Anyway, seeing that it has been a year since he passed, it was only fitting that I watch it for the first time. Heck, I might even buy it. lol.

    (Note: I do not share Michael Jackson's views on anything, but you have to admit, the guy was one of the greatest entertainers of all time.)
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    I Loved Michael Jackson growing up in the 80's (a tough proposition in rural Maine, imagine balancing it with Metallica, and you'll understand the cognitive dissonance) I certainly don't think his life was cut short, just the opposite really. He was a terrible drug addict for decades, surrounded by sycophants, he's lucky to have lived as long as he did.
    As much as I loved his music back then, and as much as I want to today when I hear 'wanna be startin' something' (my favorite), it just makes me feel funny.
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    I use to dance like him in the mirror all the time as a kid, would buy leather jackets with alotve zippers so I could look ike him. Lip sync all the songs on his albums, and this is me as a kid. The media chooses to focus on the drugs and all the scandals, but that will never take away from this man was able to accomplish. A musicians dream is to make the whole world dance to his music, no matter race, religion, or age. MJ did that, and WE STILL TAKE HIM FORGRANTED.
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    Oops....didn't see the "This is It" thread until responding to this "This Aint' It" thread. Anyway, the DVD is amazing, the dude still had the voice and the moves at 50. As I said in the other thread, he was one weird duck, but wow was he good at what he one else like that. Watch the video, it will make you wish the show could have gone on.
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