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    This might happen when HP takes control, no?

    Could it possibly be construed that what HP really means to tell us is that we need to go on a diet?
    Even though none of their "smartphones" have a front-facing camera?
    Even though they like to say that making a smartphone is almost too easy?

    Would we be able to eat the toast regardless? Or would we have to reset the toaster first?

    We shouldn't have to face problems like this first thing in the morning!
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    The too many slices of bread error won't be anything in comparison to the too many pop tarts error. That one will cause your phone to explode like a toaster.
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    That's why I switched to the toaster strudel... much more stable, not to mention delicious!
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    May we will get a "too much whole wheat toast" error..

    That would keep in line with the new changes, and we can all consider it a...

    wait for it....

    "A BRAN new Day!"

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    HAHahaha - nothing like a good pun!

    Boooooooo-urns! Booooooo-urns!
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    We'll have to get a temperature monitor patch to make sure it doesn't overheat.
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    i wonder if the devs here can make a patch to butter the bread (or toast), they can do that right?
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    I want the MegaMix version that both butters my toast and has an option to put jam on it!
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    LMAO!! I seen the title and had to see what you guys meant! You guys are funny!!! Thanks for the laughs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince_Basil View Post
    LMAO!! I seen the title and had to see what you guys meant! You guys are funny!!! Thanks for the laughs.
    We do try.
    We do try.

    For even more laughs, please check here:

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