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    I'll bet tcrunner = crogs. any takers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrunner View Post
    No mental curiosity of your own? Really? First day in Off Topic? That would be quite odd as you claim to be so intimately familiar with certain posters [though not others who run the agenda here daily].
    It didn't take me long to look in the statistics for [JOHN EDWARDS] and count up the number of threads created in something other than OT, and look at the bottom of the page where it tells me total thread creation. This isn't my first rodeo.

    You've made the accusation, crogs, now back it up
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrunner View Post
    In absolute terms, so am I. A point you seem to be missing.
    Then do us a favour and leave the forums, you have no use in here except for trolling. If you feel that trolling excites you or fulfils you, take a look at yourself.
    Please don't expect another reply from me, I'm not here to troll or argue but to learn about my pre. (The only reason I contributed in this thread is because I want a friendly and useful forum, one not cluttered with off-topic arguments).
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    I think the OP started this thread to build consensus and a sanity check specifically to move it up the chain. This isn't the first thread started on this topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrunner View Post
    Keep avoiding the central issue as long as you want. I couldn't care less since the issue of Fair Treatment under the same set of rules doesn't change.
    and you have yet to show anything unfair, crogs
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    Waaa! I'm not being treated fairly on an internet forum.

    It's really too bad...
    I feel I can make a big difference in the World posting in Off Topic for a Tech Forum.
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