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    So I was able to attend E3 this year and obviously it really has nothing to do with this site, BUT I did use my Palm Pre alot while waiting in lines and alot of people happened to notice and ask questions about the phone, which I thought was cool since it brought interest to them Anyways, here are some booth babe shots I took while there that I think some of you can appreciate. Their rated PG so I believe their OK with the forums, dont blame me for the quality of some of the girls, I was only the camera man

    (Not a booth babe, but still hot)
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    I should have had her use the bag to cover her face
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    as is the case with many of the things produced in asia, their Boothbabes are also of a much higher quality .

    TomHardware did a series of comprehensive investigative reports on Computex Boothbabes -- the series is definitely worthy of your evaluation

    You may all perhaps disagree, but I think its clear that the Computex babes are universally more sleek, stylish, and fresh than those shown at E3 -- many of which have too much bulk, and generally often well past their sell by dates...
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    Interesting mix with some "older" gals representing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPFTW View Post
    you can go ahead and delete that first picture
    I second this motion.
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    Is it just me, or does LED-wear work much better on oriental women?
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