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    So I finally got my ampache server up and running, after quite a few unsuccessful attempts and a fresh OS install--and now I find out that Verizon wont assign me a static IP address unless I pay over twice what I pay now. This seems pretty ridiculous just to stream music to my personal cell phone every once in a while. Has anyone had similar experiences with their ISP not allowing them to use a static IP for personal use? Any solutions? I really dont want to give up on ampache after so much hard work (at least it was a good learning experience though). Is there any way to access my server even if it uses DHCP?
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    There are services that give you a static IP. I think DyDNS is one of them.
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    I use DynDns and it works well for me, mostly for putty and for the .php file my device serves to track the phone.
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    Thanks guys, I got it working finally. I dont think I have ever done anything so involved on a linux machine--I'm on a cloud right now listening on my server from my pre!

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