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    Lately it may seem that I'm complaining about poor customer service: Launcher X being delayed etc but here is another one that I have to vent:


    I ordered two Nokia Compatible Telescoping Hands-fre Kit F8V9003-TEL is the part number. I paid for Overnight UPS. Order was placed over last weekend and product shipped on Monday and I received only one unit on Tuesday.

    I called and spoke with a "no name" person and stated the shortage, which was reflected on the packing slip. This customer service rep stated that she would ship out another unit that same day and I'd have my second unit on Wednesday. Still not here.

    I also noted that the packaging stated that a "leather travel bag" was included as part of the "ActiveGear Accessories". This leather bag was a clear plastic/vinyl pouch. The C.S. rep directed me to Lisa in the ECommerce department.

    Lisa stated that the Leather Bag was no longer part of the packaging and that this clear vinyl pouch was the replacement. She stated that packaging card had been changed and that I must have gotten an old one but that she would send me two "leather travel bags" that she had located.

    Belkin web page for this particular product still shows the old packaging that has the "leather travel bag".

    Now guess what: I don't have my bags - I don't have my product. I spoke with Lisa again and she stated that the bags would go out today and that the product would go out on Monday.

    What ever happened to good customer service?

    A scan of the product card is attached:
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