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    Hi all

    I am currently working on an exciting new operating system called RevLin OS which has a desktop environment entirely coded in Web languages, Extjs ( now sencha) html5 and Css3 all running client side, in a similar manner to WebOS, on top of a Haiku OS ( Home | Haiku Project ) based core with a Qt based communications layer

    I was wondering if there were any WebOS developers who would be interested in being apart of the team and working on the OS with us, We have made a lot of progress but there is still a large amount to do

    Our site is RevLin Software Foundation | Home
    blog: Home - RevLin news & blog site
    i can be contacted at RevLin Software Foundation | Home
    and general questions can be sent over to us at RevLin Software Foundation | Home

    Apologies for this being in off topic, i would have posted it in the internals section but i was afraid it would have been viewed as spamming!

    Hope this finds you all well,
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    Sorry to bump, but we are still very interested in getting some of the WebOS community involved on what is essentially an open source version of WebOS for the desktop.

    If you have any interest or simply want more information then please feel free ask

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