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    A family member of mine back up in Edmonton has decided to strike it out on his own after 25 years as a Partner with PwC. I'm assisting him with his IT requirements. While I have 13+ years of Exchange Admin fun under my belt, I have never had the occasion to use any of the Hosted Exchange providers for anything.

    There are hundreds out there. I'm looking for some recommendations from users happy with the service they are receiving.

    Thanks all
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
  2. #2,, and have all worked well. Sherweb seems to have better support. Watch out for the account size limits. Most are low at 3GB or less.

    Alternatively, your family member can buy Kerio Connect and run it on a regular computer. It's a clickable GUI and works well. However, it's not Exchange so not all phones are supported. Also, supported phones tend to behave differently than if they were on an actual Exchange server...such as the Pre. You would need a Kerio Outlook Plugin to get syncronization. It does make Outlook open slowly.

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