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    July 2nd, I dropped my computer off at CompUSA for a warranty CD drive repair, promised back on the 9th. That sounded good, I spend a good deal of time around the fourth at the lake anyway.
    I got it back today, that's customer service!
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    is that -- omigawd -- is that sarcasm!?
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    You think that's bad? At least you got your stuff back.

    I dropped a monitor off a CompUsa for warranty work. They promised to have it back in 7-10 days. A month and many phone calls later I still didn't have it back. I went to the store and after a tense discussion with the manager, they admitted that somewhere along the line they had lost it. How do you "lose" a 40 lb 17 inch monitor?

    They offered to give me a significant discount on a new monitor. I didn't bite. My warranty contract stated that if they couldn't fix my problem, they would replace with a similar model. Since they couldn't prove my problem was fixed, I convinced them to give me the monitor with the discount for free.

    I haven't bought another warranty at CompUsa since.

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