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  • I get it, but I reserve the right to get grumpy with people

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Thanks for the reminder. Nevermind, I withdraw!
    Ooh! That means we'll be still at it...huh? Hmm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    I'm in, I'm tired of all the rudeness that's been going on.
    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Thanks for the reminder. Nevermind, I withdraw!
    Oh the irony...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Oh the irony...
    verwon's the Iron(y) Lady.
    Can't remove wrinkles without irony
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    I'm proud to say... that I'm still and always will be a proud member of the Pre|Central peacekeepers. Unfortunately, because of circumstances beyond my control thus, resulting in me not wearing my badge at this time. However, I'm looking forward to wear my badge with great dignity in the near future.
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    okay... trying again...

    i'm in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post
    I didn't know we were at war on this forum!

    Seems to me as forums go - this is already a calm place to post. There are already rules in place to keep posts civil and there are consequences for those that don't abide.

    That being said there are many ways to discuss things and some people are more eloquent than others, some more brusque, some even comedic - but I've NEVER seen any out and out insulting, derogatory or nasty responses here.

    Do we really have to take ALL personality out of our posts? MUST ALL posts be generic, mundane and without expression?

    And just WHO is to say a post goes over the top (beyond what the rules already state)? What one person takes as an offense - may just be a simply jovial wittiness for another.

    Doesn't the board allow us to BLOCK posts from members we don't want to see?

    Judicious use of emoticons keeps many poor word usage in check - I don't think we need yet ONE MORE batch of people policing what we say!
    I just tend to send people PMs when I think they're doing something they shouldn't, no need to make anything public. If they think I'm right, they'll change, if they don't, they won't. Pure and simple. Otherwise, go ahead and express yourself all you want. Just keep down the profanity, I tend to not take to it.
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    Happy to join in with the positivity squad
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    I have some app ideas, but really need to get a better handle of how this jscript stuff works!
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    I'll do it. I don't see any reason to get annoyed with anyone, its a great community and there are so many people out there than can help. Pre| <3
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    I had to vote "I get it, but I reserve the right to get grumpy with people" because when you see morons^W people flood-posting to "get a link" to 'Psycho's "kernAl patches" ( ), it's next to impossible to not point out their idiocy^W wrong-doing.

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    Hello! I don't post all that often but I like to "creep" and "stalk" around the forums. However, I'd love to be apart of something that noble.
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    You know, I figure I could do this. I stalk these forums quite frequently, and I do like to help out whenever I can. Count me in.
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    I am now in!
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    I haven't seen this post before, but I agree with what you are trying to do. I know it's old, but I feel that these forums are a bit aggressive recently and would like to do something about it.
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