The World Cup is this Friday. OMFG. I can't wait.

So, seeing as this is the off topic forum, I wanna hear your opinion! Who do you want to win (any team). Who do you expect to win? What Pre apps are you downloading? What do you plan to do if your favorite team gets past a milestone (say, quarter finals). Tell me all!

Personally, I want Australia or Mexico as champions. I expect Brazil will win this cup. I'm seeing if I download some apps for my Palm Pre. As a side note, this friday (the match is at 9AM Central Time) I'm planning for all my gadgets (iPod Touch, Pre, Blackberry, dumbphone (Sony Ericsson K300), Mac if I can get it to wake up, alarm clock, Clié TH55, and Palm Vx to go off at 8:50, because I have a tendency to go to bed after turning the alarm clock off. Mexico is opening with South Africa, so that is awesomeness. Me and my friends plan to get drunk if Mexico makes it to quarters. If Australia
makes it to quarters, great, but I have no one to get drunk with.

I'm really excited for the world cup. Like, OMFG TEH WORLD CUPZ! RUNZ! excited.

So yeah, how do you plan to watch the world cup? If you are planning on watching it, that is.