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    I found a neat site that will use javascript to test which HTML5 features your browser thinks it supports.

    The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?

    I find it interesting that Firefox 3.6.3 on Fedora 13 scores 139/300 with 4 bonus points, and the WebOS (1.4.1) browser scores 132/300 with 5 bonus points.

    The tests I find most interesting are the Video ones. I show that both MPEG-4 and H.264 pass their respective tests. I had to go try it out. Following instructions here: Video on the Web - Dive Into HTML 5 , I put up an mp4 version of a short video I took of my new born snoring. To my wonder and glory, mp4 support worked great! You have to really try hard to hit the bottom left corner of the image where the "play" button should be, but if you can get it, the video plays just fine. There's a little bit of a problem with the size of the video, but I'm sure that's fixable with a little better HTML skill

    P.S. This would be more informative if I actually gave you the link to the video test I created: Cutest little snore
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    I get the same as you for my WebOS browser. On my iPod 8gb 1st gen it rated 125 +7, firmware 3.1.2, 4.0 could be a whole new story for the newer models.
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    WOW IE 8 only scores a 27 NO bonus points!!
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    wow! 197 and 7 bonus points on Google Chrome.

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