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    If you have not seen it you can see it Here.
    This is what i got from the video.

    The soldiers in this video are meant to represent the gay, transgendered and bisexual men in this society that are *expected* to be aggressive and fully ‘masculine’ men. Them marching around in synchronized form represents the role that they’re expected to play in society – Always marching in a tight pattern, never meant to branch off from that gender role. However, as the video progresses, you see Gaga in and out of scenes, wearing these religious outfits. Those outfits are symbols for the intense religious Christian-Catholic backlash that the LGBT community experiences from religious zealots with how they say that ‘gays are going to hell’, ‘you need jesus,’ ‘being gay is a sin,’ etc.

    Gaga is not meant to be the focus of this video. Gaga is simply a symbol for how conflicting religion becomes when a gay man has to emotionally deal with accepting that he’s ‘gay’ when his religion tells him that it’s a sin. Gaga is a modern symbol of the virgin Mary – a cold, religiously bound woman who cares about serving and satisfying Christ. That’s very blatant and evident in what she wears, the crosses in the background, her swallowing rosemary beads, and so on. As the video carries on, you see her getting “felt up” by a man in a scene with various beds.

    Those beds are metaphors for what gay men experience when they’re trying to fight their growing erections from their fantasies when trying to sleep at night. During the day, society pressures them to act a certain way, to truly be the biased aggressive man. But as soon as they’re alone, even if they still ‘look’ manly and assertive, their feminine aspect of their sexuality comes to the forefront and they express their fantasies in the dead of night. Also stands for the millions of gays, transgendered and cross dressers that can only show their *true* selves at night when greater society isn’t watching. These few scenes are increasingly sexual in order to show the massive, heated underlying sexual conflict that gay men experience within themselves. It’s restless, monsterous and almost unbearable because society tells them that they shouldn’t express their feelings towards other men.

    “Alejandro” is a metaphor for society’s gender role of the aggressive man that society yearns for.
    The ‘**** costumes’ are symbols that we are so bound to fulfill gender roles assigned by society to the point where we are psychologically placed into internment camps. Meaning that we’re forced to act a certain way in fear of being shunned, abandoned, alienated or ridiculed. When gay men get mixed up into that, they portray ‘****s’ in this video or simply ’strong military men’ to once again show the roles that they’re expected to play by culture’s eyes.

    Gaga is a symbol of how mainstream Christianity and Catholicism religions see the LGBT community.
    The ‘funeral’ represents the LGBT community ‘killing’ those mainstream biased gender roles.
    The continuous emphasis on showing that one man as ‘Alejandro’ with a scene of a riot playing behind him represents how, despite his throbbing sexuality – he must fulfill his role as a ‘man’ by staying silent as he listens to riots break out surrounding the tension around his sexuality.
    Welcome to our world, we are the wasted youth, and we are the future too. <--Tumblr<3 Follow.
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    now on Sprockets, we dance!

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    Wow. I gotta say, I would NOT have gotten that from the video. An amazing insight, to say the least, but I guess I just don't look into deep music video messages.

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it opens up some communication between people -it is MUCH needed.

    Thanks @diegoeatspandas
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    I haven't been interested in music videos since the early 90s, this video is a perfect example of why.
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    I guess it just goes to show you how one can read anything into art. I'm sure the NRA would give the wearable machine guns a big "thumbs" up! Couple of nice visuals, but most of it was just homo-erotic silliness.

    Now about the music...could anyone else name that tune in 4 beats? (Hint: Ace of Base) Mix that in with some ABBA (Fernando) and boom....Lady Gaga. Yawn.
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    Interesting post, thanks
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