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    Hey, I'm ugriffin. I'm a guy who's from Australia, and lives in Mexico. I though I'd post this here to introduce myself to the community, and off-topic seemed like the best place to do it.

    I'm a developer that currently makes PC games. I have been using Palm stuff since the original Palm Vx. My lineup:

    Palm Vx, Sony Clié TH55, Blackberry Pearl 8120, iPod Touch (1st Gen), Palm Pre (Sprint).

    I thought the webOS was the perfect reason to switch back to Palm. I always liked Palm OS, but the lack of memory protection and the software drought that occurred after 2005 was killer for me. Blackberry wasn't much better, but the Push email rocks.

    I am an Apple Computer fan. Their iPhone OS devices are great, but the App Store sickens me, considering it comes from a company that used "Think Different" as a slogan 10 years ago. I use Macs and love them. I currently have an iMac G3, since my white unibody MacBook died and it is being repaired.

    I bought 2 Pres, one for my mother (she wanted an iPhone) and one for me. I used the opportunity to switch to the local CDMA carrier iusacell, which has far better data prices. This means that I hacked the hell out of the Sprint Pres to make them work on the 3G here. I know how to get the MSL carrier lock code out to use them on other carriers, PM me.

    The lack of decent apps annoys me. There is a BIG shortage of apps, so I'm gonna see if I learn some Mojo, and make a (decent) free Twitter client and a (free) MSN Messenger client. No promises though.

    I buy my Pres at ebay and ship them off to Mexico. This means I get no cool 2 year upgrades, so I'll be sticking with my Pre for a LONG while, which is why I'm introducing myself, because I plan on sticking here for a long time too.

    So yeah, hey. :P

    Note: I personally think, with the last comment the HP CEO said, that Palm's cool phones are dead, and they'll be replaced with typical badly engineered phones. Which means I MIGHT jump ship (resell here in Mexico, I can actually profit from it. ). What do you recommend? Stick with Palm 'till the end?
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    Hi, I'm berd

    Welcome to the forums.
    Just call me Berd.
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    oi! Welcome
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Welcome aboard! I say stick with the Pre, but I'm a little biased. If you are like a lot of us here, you will end up addicted to playing with your Pre, and to Pre|Central...looking forward to seeing the apps you design.
    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

    Be nice until it's time to not be nice.--Dalton, "Roadhouse"
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    Welcome to p|c. I would stick with the pre. It's a great phone with a heck of an OS on top. I do agree that there are some short comings in the app catalog, but I think that will change once Palm releases additional APIs (I'm looking at you Jon Rubinstein!).

    If you have not yet looked into the wonderful world of patches, i highly recommend you do. After you add a few patches and make the phone your own, I don't think you will want to get rid of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ugriffin View Post
    Hey, I'm ugriffin....
    Welcome to Pre|C, ugriffin.
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    Ditto, Welcome ugriffin.
    .-[ Δίνοντας Θεού δόξα σε όλα πράγματα ]-.
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    Hi, welcome to the board. I'm new here too, look forward to sharing in the community!
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    Hi, name is Ryley...I'm a guy who's from Canada and lives in the United States of America.

    Quote Originally Posted by ugriffin View Post
    I'm a guy who's from Australia, and lives in Mexico.
    Sprint|Samsung Epic

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