View Poll Results: Which phone would you get next till your next upgrade?

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  • HTC Evo 4G

    4 16.67%
  • iPhone

    2 8.33%
  • HTC Incredible

    0 0%
  • Some Blackberry

    0 0%
  • I'll keep my Pre/Pixi

    13 54.17%
  • Not sure ATM...

    5 20.83%
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    Which phone would you get?
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    Which shoes would you buy?
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    One minute I love my Pre, the next minute I hate it. I hate to I cant show my phone off without looking like a fool. I want to show someone a video, the circle keeps spinning without it playing. I try to send a video, the person I send it to says they cant open it. Someone wants to play a 3D game like Avatar, Driver, NOVA or etc and my phone says "sorry, too many cards open" with no cards open. I want to find a location on GoogleMaps but it takes forever to load the map. The list goes on.. Everytime you guys make a patch to improve the phone I feel better but those other things ****es me off.
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    I know what you mean
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    Technically, we are in the "Pre" central forums.

    I have an iTouch and it's nothing extraordinary, I have a Blackberry but again I hate the Java OS, I haven't tried out Android properly, you didn't list the Nexus One (Flash!), and the Evo's size is overkill for me. The iPhone is big enough. Nexus One has no CDMA so I can't switch to that anyways, and it's too expensive on eBay.

    I've decided (for those who read my intro post) to stick it through the storm with Palm. It is the best option for us CDMA users after all. Besides, that PDK shows more promise to me than the whole Java Android package. I hate Java based mobiles...
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    Pre. I have a 1st Gen iTouch, and it's nothing extraordinary, Nexus One too expensive on eBay, Evo's size overkill, I already had a BB so meh.

    Besides, I hate anything to do with Java on a mobile phone (*cough* Android and Blackberry OS, *cough*).

    Finally, I need a CDMA phone so no iPhone for me. If el seņor Jobs decides to make a Verizon iPhone and the jailbreaking community hacks it so I can use it in Mexico, I (might) consider it. Not too keen on the idea though.

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