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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    Each search you do is assigned a number. It will always recheck that same search. So in order to use Windzilla's work around, you will need to open a new window each time to generate another search.

    Also, searches will time out, so they will only work a short time anyway.
    waaaaayyy too lazy for THAT.

    "New Posts" it is, for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlee2001 View Post
    How do you get that page to refresh? When I hit the ordinary refresh button, it does not update the content. Hope I am clear.

    All of the Threads and posts stay as the were, etc.
    yea, I think that method just means you have to use the link in a bookmark so not the page it directs you to but the link itself. Unfortunately a refresh will mean you need to hit the bookmark again.
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    Please let this happen!! Off topic subjects are killing my P|C experience.

    Maybe the ability to filter out post started by certain users that we don't care to see.
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    Debating religion and politics is silly, everyone gets red in the face and no one changes their mind, complete waste of time IMO.
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    Having the off-topic area excluded from "New Posts" would certainly help me.
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    While i can definitely see religion and/or political threads getting sickening; as a person who has designed sites, i can also see the benefit in getting visitors to sprinkle to all areas of the site.

    (Or maybe i'm just thinking about ice-cream.)
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    Any news? Any management decisions?

    (The "political discussions" thread: - which i fullheartedly support - just made me remember THIS thread...)
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    It would be nice to be able to configure what is displayed in New Posts on a forum-by-forum basis. But, if that can't be done, removing the Off-Topic forum from the results would be nice.
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    I like the off-topic experience. Then again I'm addicted to "New Game - One Letter".
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    I'm for it.
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    This is the best idea I've heard on this forum. I just hope the Flying Spaghetti Monster can banish the religo/politico fascist circle jerks to obscurity. I like the idea of "New Posts" without the wet paint syndrome attached.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    try using this link [url]

    instead of just new posts, book mark it.

    taken from the discussion on this topic here

    Doesn't work for mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfire View Post
    +1 I can get my 'troll about religion/politics' somewhere else if I want
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    I agree 1,000,000 times and more. Keep that somewhere else.
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    PreCentral Links to New Posts Excluding Off Topic

    Mobile Site - New Posts - No Off Topic

    Full Site - New Posts - No Off Topic

    TreoCentral Links to New Posts Excluding Off Topic

    Mobile Site - New Posts - No Off Topic

    Full Site - New Posts - No Off Topic
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