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    Simple question that I can't find the answer to and I thought someone in this forum might have one.

    I'm wondering why we can't watch releases instantly that have been out for more than two years or so.

    My friend wanted to watch Iron Man and I thought it would be great if I could load it and have a movie watch party before watching the sequel, but that didn't happen... To me, I don't understand how many of the hit movies aren't streamable.

    All I know is that some companies have made an agreement with netflix to delay releases for some but that's for dvds/blurays from what I hear.
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    Probably so they don't conflict with sales of dvd's and blurays. Its sad, I love me some netflix instant streaming, but there is not a great selection right now. I hope one day digital streaming becomes standard, I really could care less about owning my media as long as I can watch it when I want.
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    Netflix has to negotiate and pay for each movie they offer. Sometimes they decide the benefit (measured in new or retained customers) produces a positive ROI.

    Sometimes it is too expensive, sometimes it doesn't have enough demand, and sometimes the content owners have other agreements that prohibit them from offering it to netflix.

    There isn't an industry rife with more greed and stupidity than the movie industry... unless you count the music industry - they are just as bad...

    You are more likely to see services offered by the cable companies where they can extend "on demand" content to your PC if you have the right cable package.. If you subscribe to HBO, you can get HBO content on demand today. It's reasonable to expect that eventually they will offer that same content to your PC as a streaming service...

    Right now, I think iTunes has the best handle on things, but I don't want to pay the silly rates they charge to "rent" a movie...

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