View Poll Results: If You Have Shared A Locked Zip/RAR File; Why Did You Do It?

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  • I didn't Want (ANYONE) To Be Able To Open The Zip/RAR Files.

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  • I Only Wanted Fellow Members Of A Set-Group To Be Able To Download & Unlock The Files.

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  • I Didn't Even Realize That I Had Put A Password-Lock On My Zip/RAR Files.

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  • No Reason At All; I Just Like Putting Password-Locks On My Zip/RAR Files.

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    I just downloaded a few Zip files with some photos that I wanted to use as wallpaper. But every file ended up being Locked with a password. This isn't the first time that this has happen. I just want to understand why anyone would lock a file they are trying to share? Has anyone here done this, and if so; why?

    Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate the fact that people share files, but why put a password lock on them? I have never put a lock on any of the files that I have shared, because there is really no point. When I share something, I want to help others be able to use the files that I had a hard time finding. The only thing worse then Password-Locked Zip files, is where the user breaks up the files into several Zip archives, but 1 or 2 end up being deleted; making them useless.

    So is there a method to this madness???

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    2 reasons that I can think of. One, so you'll contact them for the password. Now they have your contact info, and will either try to sell you something, or will sell your email addy to someone else. Two, some forms of compression utilities come with embedded executables. Once you enter the password, the executable launches. Say hello to their lil friends
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