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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    Whatever you do, just never show her because if she ever finds this thread, your dead.
    He can just ask a mod to delete it to cover himself... wait what if she has a palm phone and is already reading this! quick you need a cover story now not advice!

    Also +1 for all the face to face, and a +1 to the I'm confused as to why shes being so difficult if its already and exclusive relationship then why do you need to ask her to be your GF if she already is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    6 feet?
    <rimshot>"Here all week! Tip your steak and try the waitresses!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlangley21 View Post
    From there, you're on your own....
    Truer words were never spoken.

    I know this forum has been busting balls over this topic, but seriously - you're in an unofficial relationship with her already. You know what she likes, you know why you two are together. Go for it! Make it official. Start making memories together that will last. As it's been said already, I'll just reiterate - you want a relationship with the eyes and the person behind the eyes. Stray from that, and she'll notice... Relationships are great if you take care of them and nurture them. Abuse them and they will get cold, bitter and eventually die.

    good luck!
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    never ask over a text for sure just go out o dinner or something or just over for a movie use your imagination (dont be pervs)
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    Get out!!! Save yourself!!!
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    That reminds me...

    UserFriendly Strip Comments

    (next couple of cartoons...)

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    Just give her the gift every potential lover needs, a WebOS phone. if thats too rich, grab a touchstone, or hey, even a car charger.

    on idea to turn the texting thing around on her, actually give her a phone, and, once she sets it up, immediately txt her the "will you go out with me" message while you are standing there with her.

    or buy her 3 cats, cause, who dosn't need 3 cats.

    want little boxes of crap around your house? get some cats!
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    girls that ask for stuff like that will expect something everytime. Dont get me wrong i get my wife gifts but if she wants something "special" for this event imagine what she would want for the bigger events like and anniversary. Im not saying to dump the chick but you should consider that. If she wants to be with you then she wants to be with you even if you ask her while you guys are eating chilli fries. My wife asked me over the phone for us to be together and i was surprised. Maybe she should ask you.
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    This thread made me glad to be bi-sexual. I simply cannot stand the games some of the women I have been with act, same thing goes for men but its almost never a mind game, just kind of how would i say this politely?....knowing your role per-say? when i get tired of one I switch it up so to speak.. My ex wife used to make these kinds of requests all the time. it gets old fast. my advice? run...FAST! from the info given here flowers and a normal get-together for some dinner and then some... should suffice.
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    It be easier to ask her over the phone!
    Why must it be special its not like you asking her to marry you. I hope she not expecting a moon light candle dinner or something!
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    Man... I'd hate to imagine what it's like if you were married. lol
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    ASSuming that the OP has actually seen this girl in real life, it sounds like she's looking for the equivalent of a high school "promise ring" to show that you're serious about going steady. Here's some good advice about this, especially if you're not in high school:

    What is a promise ring? - Yahoo! Answers

    If you have never actually met her before, then my suggestion is that you use your smartphone as a PHONE and call her up already! You should have some clues by now what her interests are, so just dial her number and ask her if she would like to meet you at some public place that interests her. It sounds like she's dropping the hint that she wants to meet you, so get it over with already.....
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    The suspense is killing us.. how did it go?
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    Lmao, just go ask her out in person, it isnt that hard lol
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