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    Well, a few months ago I asked everyone what we should do in London. Well, we never made it there and instead have decided to fly into Manchester in September and spend 10 days driving through scotland staying at B&Bs this time.

    Oh...and we decided to leave the little one behind...

    So...what should we do and where should we go?
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    Originally posted by homer

    Oh...and we decided to leave the little one behind...
    My wife and I did the same with our kids. We were very fortunate to have Grandparents on both sides.
    We now provide this service to our children.

    Originally posted by homer

    So...what should we do and where should we go?
    Every pub you can find and report on how the local scotches are compared to the swill we have to drink in the states.

    OH! and there's golf.

    However, being serious, I would like to know too. My wife and I are planning overseas tours that would include Scotland.
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    Wow, I'm envious. I would visit Loch Ness and as many castles as I could.
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    While Loch Ness is beautiful, it's kinda meh on the wow factor. I would recommend's absolutely gorgeus and cute. I would avoid Faserborough unless you want to see a rough tough scottish fishing village, but I would HIGHLY recommend you get out to Arbroath to see a absolutely wonderful little scottish town. Last summer I went with my local youth symphony to the Aberdeen International Youth Festival (which runs from July 31st to August 10th if you're there during that time) and spent about 3 weeks in Scotland. If you do happen to be in Aberdeen during the festival than you should check out to find out about attending concerts. But in all from what I've seen, I recommend Drum and all the other castles, Arbroath, Aberdeen and Edinburough...Glasgow is nice, but still developing.

    Email me at if you have anymore questions...I'd be more than glad to help.
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    After all, who can resist this truly NATIONAL Scottish Dish!!!

    I actually had this once while I was visiting Scotland many years ago. Of course, it helps that I couldn't understand what they were saying (accent and I'm deaf) when they described the ingredients so that probably helped me declare that it tasted quite good.
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    I understand you can take a ferry out to the Isle of Mann and it's supposed to be quite beautiful.

    And I Like haggis!
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    Muirfield Golf Course

    If your a golfer then you must go here but don't expect to play unless you carry an actual handicap card from some course or club.
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    If you're into theatre at all, I recommend checking out the Traverse in Edinburgh. They do some amazing work.

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