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    Google just announced they're going to open source (and make royalty free) VP8 as a codec and are switching youtube over to it right now. Die a quick death h.264 codec. please.
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    Yay, another new codec. As much as royalties suck, h.264 is pretty widely adopted by hardware manufacturers already. I wouldn't be surprised if they get pushed on by the people that own the h.264 patents. I hate having to re-encode my videos. Maybe it will push OGG into the mainstream. I have an old Samsung MP3 player that supports it, nothing else does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I have an old Samsung MP3 player that supports it, nothing else does.
    I used to love my Rio Karma which supported Ogg Vorbis. I still have AeroPlayer on my Centro with my music in Vorbis. At the lower bit rates, it's hard to beat.
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    What is happening to video today takes me back to the 1987 and beyond remembering the Unisys/Compuserve "Graphics Interchange Format" v/s the Internet and licensing fees...
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    H264 is hardware decoded by phones, Nvidia and ati videocards, and lots of other devices. Now VP8... what is VP8?
    i don't think it's a very good move at this time
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    I have to agree; better would have been news that 264's been opened.

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