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    i love web os and palm, i have been with palm from like 5 years now. from the treos to the pre. but OMG has htc stepped up the game. anyone else other than me switching to the EVO 4g? sorry pre i love that face that you have a real keyboard. but ill give that up for the specs of the 4g. i love the fact of the 8 mp camera.
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    troll no we aren't
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    What is up with this foo, posting the same are sofaking wetodded
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    Gonna switch to what? Useful thread titles?
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    even if you are gonna switch why would you post it. Nobody knows you.
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    I wasn't, until this OP was kind enough to make such an insightful post, with such a provocative viewpoint. But now that this one-of-a-kind thread has been started, how can I resist this new and overwhelming urge to get a new phone?

    Thanks to the OP for such a fresh and unique thread. It's cutting-edge and thought provoking That's why I appreciate PreCentral so much.

    Thanks for enlightening me. Now promise me that you will take your new phone to a new forum, and avoid posting here until you have a webOS phone again...
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    there are soooooooo many threads for this! pls close it
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudyrude432 View Post
    even if you are gonna switch why would you post it. Nobody knows you.
    2 posts in 11 months here. I bet his first post was equally pithy..
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    EPIC thread

    August 2009 - January 2011. Thank god I'm no longer a Pre user!

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    Come on, people! Stop trolling and go over here.

    I hate to rain on your parade, but something better will be out next year, are you gonna switch? Make sure you post so everyone can keep tabs on what device you are using.

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    I'm going to switch. I've been using a Centro for a while now, and I just ordered a Pre Plus now that it's available on AT&T. Thanks for your concern.
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    I'm gonna switch too, from using whole milk, to 2%
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    I'm gonna switch too, from using whole milk, to 2%
    Great analogy!!!

    and Nope I'm not leaving. Sorli...
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    Ha, ha. You nailed him guys.
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    I used to get punished with a switch when I was little. I have not used that practice on my kids. I hope the OP will reconsider using a switch. Taking away their iPod will produce better results in this generation...

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