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    I really don't want it to go back to topic. I am enjoying this rather intelligent, and very mature debate on religion, politics, and other things. This is the first thread that touched on some of these topics without some ***** ruining it. Thank you guys for the entertainment, educated opinions, and I hope others will take note in this discussion.

    - JohnnyPre

    (note: When Science 'thinks' life is out there, that would be a theory, right? so when religion 'thinks' about believing, is faith their word for theory?) jus sayn... (ducks from objects thrown at him)
    Uh, no. Theory refers to a statement devised to explain a group of facts, especially one that can be repeatedly tested over time and return the same results. Theories are used to make predictions, and cumulatively, their record is pretty salty. Faith is also used to make predictions, I won't mention their record, don't want to offend anyone.

    Scientific theory and faith are two very different things.
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    Have you ever heard of a historical figure named Jesus? It's an undisputed fact that he died and resurrected. If there is someone who has seen God it is him. And I can say that because I have read and studied it. Have you?

    And about that little book. Have you read it? Have you studied it? Have read both sides of the argument or are you content to just blindly believe all the criticisms about it? And where do you think this idea of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" come from? And where do you think all of these American laws are based from? Oh, I guess from that little book.

    Do your homework.
    Do my homework?? i was gonna say something but people like you love to argue. what i believe doesn't belong in a forum for cell phones. i guess this is the first place you thought to spout your thoughts???? i find that weird
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