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    I've searched a few but they seem bogus
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    if you need a personal loan, go to a bank. If the bank won't approve you... You probably need more than a loan.
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    Do not get a loan online. Most of them charge insane interest rates. Your best bet is an actual bank.
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    Try your local credit unions.
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    Call Obama, he is the bailout KING, why not actually help a person for a change rather than big banks, unions, car companies, etc.

    On a serious note, a credit union may be the best route since many big banks are a joke today
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    If you are a student, get a student loan... or sign up for some classes and get a loan... lol jk...
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    We could all chip and then have the OP give me 29.99%.
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    Last loan I got was from a bank. It was for a house, so I suppose it was a mortgage. Called them, sent info they wanted and bought house. Seemed rather simple to me. Just call one of those banks who were getting bailout money this past know they are real.
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