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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlport View Post
    electric cars have been around for decades. If the oil companies wernt all controlled by big government, we would have more choices weather or not to spend 3$ a gallon. Just like everyone is still told the SR-21 blackbird is still the fastest plane in the world. It was built in the early 50's. Along with eletric cars. What happened to the Jetsons?
    Is that the SR-71's little brother?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meltedwire View Post
    I work in the electric vehicle market. And yes, oil is a joke!
    without oil, plastics would not be possible.

    i don't understand what your point is.
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    I chose to delete this post myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjgem View Post
    Is that the SR-71's little brother?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    electric cars aren't a joke look at the tesla roadster. The regular model does 0-60miles in 3.9 seconds, while the the sport model does it in 3.7. In 2012 they will release 4 door family car called model-s which will go 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, which is equal to the acceleration of a porch boxster. Its also got a 300 mile range, and a 45 minute quick charge. It will cost about 50 000.

    Tesla Motors - Model S

    now gm's attempt at a electric car is a joke.
    That was funny. First, the Volt isn't an "electric car". Sure its not the long term solution, full-electric is, but until the necessary infrastructure is in place for people to charge their cars at work or at the shopping mall then the combination of a gasoline engine that recharges the electric battery after 40 miles of electric only power is the best way to go. I drive 22 miles round trip to work - the Volt would be a god send for me as I'd hardly ever use the gasoline in the tank. Additionally the technology used in the Volt can be implemented with any fuel for recharging the battery. The gasoline could be substituted for bio-diesel, hydrogen, or even Mr. Fusion Throw in the fact that because the batteries are stored along the transmission, the technology can easily be adapted to virtually any platform, lowing costs for future cars/trucks rather quickly. Imagine a truck that gets instant torque, runs on electricity for 25+ miles (less dues to weight) before the charger kicks in. Yeah GM's mileage claim of 250+ mpg is full of, what my dog does every morning, but even a conservative estimate of 50 average mpg in a truck is something to be impressed about.

    Second, I suggest you take a look at Top Gear's drive of the Tesla roadster - quality wise it actually reminded me of a 1970's GM It took way longer than advertised to recharge, the charge didn't last the time it was meant to, and the interior build quality was that of a 1980's Chevy Cavalier.

    To the OP
    When your house is flooding do you grab a bucket and start bailing water or do you try to shut off or divert the water pipe out of the house first? In this case, the pipe can't be shut off - basic physics is causing that problem - so the only option left is to divert the oil until a relieve well can be drilled. Not sure if you noticed but there are also a whole lot of boats in the Gulf cleaning up the mess too - boats whose time and effort will be paid for by BP. Big Oil may not be the best behaving industry around, probably the worst actually , but that doesn't mean you throw common sense out the window when discussing them.
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    electric cars, up here in the great white north,, they are a waste unless you are only commuting a few miles daily. distances are pretty vast. hell the distances between gas stations can be daunting if you dont pay attention in some areas.. electric cars,, pipe dream i am afraid to say...
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    I knew I would catch hell for this post, and I agree with a lot of people saying it isn't that easy to plug. I just feel there are a lot of errors that occurred with no plans to contain this. I mean really, this will go down as one of the biggest man made disasters and BP is catching less crap than Toyota caught. It is all because America is less connected with what we don't personalize. So many people have toys and freaked out.

    and ok, maybe there is a rational reason for the pipe, but I still believe they want that oil.

    @ Badjokes, if you read more than my first statement you may have noted I said I understand oil has to be used in plastics and other applications. But we could have been using electric powered vehicles long before now. Again watch "Who killed the electric car". It shows a lot of why we are still so dependent.

    Maybe saying BP is not trying was a little stiff, maybe I didn't think people would take that to mean they left the country! Let me clearify, they still want that oil and have only managed to slow it by 1/5th. That 1/5th is being put in tankers, the rest? Imagine that, still just going into the Gulf. Never knew so many people loved the oil Co's. I stand corrected!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meltedwire View Post
    That 1/5th is being put in tankers, the rest? Imagine that, still just going into the Gulf. Never knew so many people loved the oil Co's. I stand corrected!
    I don't think that many people love oil companies, but they are a consequence of how our society developed and currently works. You would probably be surprised how many people who are in the oil industry support rational alternative to our dependence on oil. Really, its pretty obvious that its in our countries best interest to change the system (including national security, environmental, & long term economic and for future generations). But as I've stated before, change on a large scale is incredibly difficult....

    Of course they're putting the oil that they are able to capture into tankers, where else can they put it?
    think rationally man..
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