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    Hi all, I know I saw this posted on PreCentral a long time, but I forgot what it was called. It was a website you could go to (kinda like a proxy website) that had many options, one of them being convert the website you enter in their URL bar to a mobile friendly website (like

    I'm sorry if I can't make it clearer, but I know I've seen it here before.

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    I think it said that is something only availale if the site has a moile version
    try putting m. in front, the try moile. as some use one or the other.

    leave off the www as a starting point.

    for example: is regular is optimized for mobile.

    also, there is an iphone spoof in preware that sometimes helps. Some sites will recognize an iphone and automatically redirect.

    hope that helps.
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    I think the thread you're referring to is:

    There is also Skweezer: Skweezer
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