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    HTC is suing Apple for infringing on 5 patents.

    Does anyone else think this is getting ridiculous? You sue me I sue you they sue us we sue them lol
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    No way... and I'm going to sue you for saying so.
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    If you don't show adequate measures to protect your intelligent property you could loose the ownership of it. It's very common in the technology field and in many cases does provide protections, but also hinders development and can really put a stopper in technological advances.

    However, I think it is less ridiculous than person vs. company lawsuits, especially the "McDonalds made me fat" case.
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    I agree that company's have to protect their IP but a lot of these patents are so vague and their are so many issued that it seems impossible to keep track of them all. Also it seems like there are lots "retaliatory" lawsuits.
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