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    Best article yet:

    NPR: Junk Shot Idea.. Golf Balls and tires...

    The other thread got out of hand so actual news, pictures, and discussion here:

    safety fluid was removed before explosion:
    Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf |
    PDF drawing of how oil rigs work and how this failed:

    Rig workers in Gulf oil spill were told to sign statements, 'or they can't go home:
    Lawyers: Rig workers asked to sign statements - Yahoo! News

    If anyone knows a site with large pictures of this please post it.
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  2. #2 is going to have some good articles since it's the Times Picayune associated website. Other good sources where you're going to find articles are:

    Offshore Oil Rig Explosion | | The Thibodaux Daily Comet
    New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Gulf Oil Spill

    The picture of the 'dome' that I posted in the bickering thread was from someone at Port Fourchon. You won't find that one anywhere else.
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    Best idea I've heard for a solution is to just cut the damn pipe and put a huge hose around it and bring it up to a ship above.

    They're just delaying the inevitable by not doing that right now.

    I'm actually going to be doing some "onshore cleanup" here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Workers are supposed to be getting 84 hours a week. It's gonna be like this for at least half a year. I honestly see this as being far worse than Katrina... but we can only wait and see.
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    yeah I got a friend out helping with the clean up
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    I will be soon. Grew up there on the white crystal sand and emerald waters, least I can do.

    Thanks for the links.

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