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    I was just wondering if anyone in this community has one of these archos mp3 jukeboxes.

    Im thinking about purchasing one but since this is a little known brand I wanted to hear a owners review!!

    I'm mainly looking at this as a portable 20gb hard drive but being able to play and record mp3's is not bad.

    So if you have one, what do you think about it?????
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    Originally posted by ice5339
    I was just wondering if anyone in this community has one of these archos mp3 jukeboxes.
    I don't have the jukebox, but I do have the Studio. The interface is quirky and you do need to read the manual to work it, but I've found it to be an excellent and useful device for playing MP3s and for backups.
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    I just received my Archos Jukebox Recorder FM, and thanks to the folks at Rockbox , who wrote a better OS/UI, I'm in love. Much like the early days with my Treo 180... every day I discover something new to be excited about (and two things I'd like to change), and integrate it more into my day.

    As a student in an FM broadcasting course, the Archos is great for previewing tracks from the station library AND listening to/recording other djs on the air.

    There are other 20GB MP3 FM units, but this was the best priced ($240 at J&R Music) and user-supported in my research. And evidently pretty easy to upgrade the HDD in this puppy.

    Now if only I could find a way to add it to my Utility Belt... ;-)

    Impatience makes you UGLY.
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    I've had an Archos 20 gig mp3 player for the better part of a year now, and I love it. It was an upgrade from a Nomad which, in comparison, is big and bulky. The only thing I dislike about the Archos is that you don't have much choice in the way your music is categorized/displayed. The Nomad classed everything for you.
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    You might try posting your fileview preference to the Rockbox Feature Requests page . I haven't seen that one (list/view by category), but I haven't looked for it. I know Rockbox does more with ID3 tags than the Archos software does.

    Rockbox also offers user-definable views through .cfg files, but again, I haven't tinkered with that part of it (only had my Archos 4 days).

    Impatience makes you UGLY.
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    Any of the Archos MP3 player/recorders that can run Rockbox are great. The Rockbox crew has done a great job over the past 2 (?) years ... they've even managed to get their own video format to run on it. I've got a FM Recorder 20 that I use daily and love!

    I also had a Jukebox Multimedia that I gave to my sister once I got the AV320 (which I upgraded to an AV360). There's now a project at that is at the early stages of what the Rockbox crew did with the MP3 only player/recorders. If things work out, the Rockbox crew may be able to port onto the avOS platform!
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    I have and love the 320!
    How hard was it to upgrade?
    What tool did you use to get off the side piece?
    I have read about , just wondering how hard it really was...
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    As I recall it took me a little bit of work to do the disassembly using an eyeglass-type screwdriver set to do the prying apart. You've got to take your time and be careful, as it is put together pretty tight, but it's certainly doable if you consider yourself an able tinkerer (i.e. build your own computer).

    If you are at all inclined to try out the avOS, then be aware that it doesn't currently appear to work with drives larger than 40 GB's. I'm sure it'll soon be fixed, but that's the current state of development ...
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    Dell Jukebox 20 GIG, buy the Dudebox software for it (don't use MusicMatch - sucks). Had the Archos 10Gig, loved it, but the new Dell is awesome!


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